Resident Champions Lifelong Learning

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Resident Champions Lifelong Learning

13 Nov 2023 | Category: News

In a heartfelt plea to wider society, Mark, a dedicated member of the Lisieux Trust community, is urging people to embrace lifelong learning as a means to enhance mental well-being. He credits his passion for learning to his upbringing, where his parents instilled the value of seeking knowledge through books, saying, “Mum and Dad used to say to me, ‘If you don’t know the answer, read a book,’ and I don’t know if that happens so much anymore.”

Mark laments the diminishing emphasis on traditional learning methods with the advent of search engines like Google. He believes that the personal touch and depth of understanding that come from delving into books have been somewhat overshadowed in today’s fast-paced digital age, reasoning: “People don’t understand things as well if everything they need is there to find.”

Putting his convictions into action, Mark has incorporated daily maths lessons into his routine, spurred on by a thoughtful recent birthday gift. This consistent practice keeps his mind sharp, and he dedicates considerable effort towards honing his writing abilities, demonstrating that the pursuit of self-improvement knows no age limit.

Beyond his dedication to learning, Mark has shown an exemplary commitment to the community, selflessly raising significant funds for various charitable causes, already active in his local community, he nurtures aspirations of becoming a local councillor to assist people even more – and has undertaken training to do this.

Mark has a specific interest in mental health issues and firmly believes that more must be done to support those struggling with such challenges. He advocates for a collective approach, emphasising the importance of kindness and empathy in our interactions with one another, ever eager to put his beliefs into practice, he has raised significant sums for the NHS. He is pictured here with an NHS Report that features his image on the cover.

One of Mark’s cherished dreams is to meet Prime Minister Rishi Sunak to discuss strategies for bolstering mental health resources and initiatives on a broader scale. He envisions a society where mental health is given the attention and resources it truly deserves, and where community well-being takes centre stage.

As Mark aptly puts it, “You’re never too old to learn new things.” His unwavering dedication to lifelong learning serves as an inspiring example for us all, demonstrating that the pursuit of knowledge is not only a path to personal growth but also a key to fostering a healthier, more compassionate society.

In an era dominated by technology, Mark’s call to rekindle our love for traditional learning methods stands as a poignant reminder that sometimes, the answers we seek lie within the pages of a book, waiting for us to discover them.

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