Welcome David And Daniel!

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Welcome David And Daniel!

12 Jan 2024 | Category: News

We have all been delighted to welcome two new Residents to the Trust family as 2023 ticked down – and we caught up with them for this month’s big story.

It was a Friday afternoon in mid-December when we went to see Daniel and David Carloss, the two brothers who joined the Trust last year.

They’d just returned from the Day Centre where they’d been preparing for the Christmas Concert. David enthusiastically shook hands and said, “You’ve come to see me and Daniel, haven’t you?” It had been arranged a couple of days before when they’d both been at the Pantomime Rehearsals, which perhaps shows how quickly they’ve settled in and made themselves a part of all that we do.

Indeed, when we asked David how he’d found his first few weeks, he was just as excited: “It’s been brilliant, everyone has been nice” he smiled – and the smile was never too far away.

The brothers, who have moved out of their family home for the first time, are living together in the flat that the Trust has provided and have been putting the final touches on making it their own. David, an avid sports fan, has been putting support workers through their paces with games of tennis in the garden, football, and catch. Daniel, the quieter of the two, who loves to read and look at his maps, was in no doubt when we asked him what he’d been doing: “I like Heartbeat,” he confirmed. “I love watching that on

Support worker Ade, who has been part of the team helping the brothers settle in, nodded his agreement, adding: “We’ve helped him set up a series link so that he never misses an episode.”

David and Daniel have been busy elsewhere too, and the Panto is just the start: “I’m going to dance in that,” David confirmed, with Daniel also set for the chorus. They were also engaged in their arts and crafts – examples of which they proudly showed in the picture on this page – and were looking forward to the festive period, which they planned to spend with their parents and extended family.

They were in no doubt, though, about where home is these days: “I love it here, it’s really nice. I was worried to start with, but now I am happy,” David said, while Daniel concurred. “Yes, I am too, everyone has helped.”

The brothers have made themselves at home in Lisieux Trust in every way, and there’s no doubt that they will be involved in everything moving forward, which is just how we like it!

This article was in the January Newsletter which you can read here:

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