Over 129,000 Steps In A Week As Summer Of Fitness Underway

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Over 129,000 Steps In A Week As Summer Of Fitness Underway

14 May 2024 | Category: News

One of our houses has – as we told you last week – been busy on a mission to get fit.

Residents and staff alike have been tasked with the Lisieux Trust Summer of Fitness, having all been given Steps Counters.

The endeavour began on May Bank Holiday and when we called in to see them on the morning of Tuesday 14th May they had done a staggering …[insert your own drum roll] 129,290 steps between them!

Deputy Manager Toni-Ann Whitehouse said everyone had “done so well!” but she added special praise for Janet who had done well over 1200 steps on laps of the garden despite only just recovering from a chest infection.

Toni had been pleased with her own efforts: “One shift I did over 6000, which I was pleased with but Jean, one of the Support Workers, reckoned I must’ve cheated!” she laughed.

Another Support worker Jane (pictured below) was proud of her morning of almost 4000, Resident Ben had clocked up over 4000 and had taken his to college with him, but the winner for the week was Resident John who had racked up over 6000 on his walks to Sutton Coldfield every day.

The overall aim of the summer is to walk the equivalent of Land’s End to John O’Groats ending on August Bank Holiday.

A GoFundMe has been set up so you can donate to the Trust, you can find that here: Fundraiser by Lisieux Trust : The Lisieux Trust Summer Of Fitness Fun (gofundme.com)

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