74 More Miles Walked Towards Fitness Target

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74 More Miles Walked Towards Fitness Target

24 May 2024 | Category: News

165,882 steps or an astonishing 74 miles – that’s the tally from the steps challenge this week.

The residents have all been busy keeping fit – and no one has embraced that better than Ben, who has done 5169 on his own.

“I took my steps counter to college,” he told us. “But also I have walked to the shops and walked all the way around Sutton Coldfield with Clair [one of our Support Workers]”

It’s working too, as Ben added: “I feel a lot fitter.”

He has been busy at college, where he does Maths, English and some cooking.

He needed his steps to walk off the lovely Fairy Cakes he made last week: “They were very nice,” he smiled. “Very tasty!”

The Trust Summer Of Fitness carries on, with the house aiming to walk the equivalent of Land’s End to John O’Groats over the summer, to continue the focus on nutrition and fitness that began with Birmingham-based charitable organisation Beezee Bodies offering advice to residents and staff alike as they underwent a weight loss programme in the late winter and early spring.

The residents are aiming to raise money for the Trust through their endeavours.

You can donate here: Fundraiser by Lisieux Trust : The Lisieux Trust Summer Of Fitness Fun (gofundme.com)


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