Another New Resident In The Trust

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Another New Resident In The Trust

15 Mar 2024 | Category: News

We’ve been delighted to welcome another resident to the Trust recently, as Steven moved into one of our properties. A move that has worked out wonderfully well so far as the man himself explained.

“I feel at home here,” Steven smiled when we met up with him the other week. “Everyone has been so kind and welcomed me.”

The move to the trust represents a huge change, as he’d always lived with his family  – looking after his mother in particular. Following her tragic death towards the end of last year, Steven and his family began looking for options, before gradually introducing him to the Trust. He joined us for a few events to meet residents and staff, but most importantly to make sure he was comfortable.

“That was nice” he told us. “It meant I knew people and I wasn’t scared when I moved in.”

When he did leave the family home early in the new year, he made sure to bring his favourite things with him (“I like playing with my Xbox” he shared, “and I’ve got that in my room”) but he has also been quick to embrace his new surroundings. Indeed, the week we met up with him to find out how he was settling in, it was his turn to help with the Sunday lunch: “I like cooking and doing that for everyone,” he explained.

A keen sports fan, supporting Aston Villa, and rejoining the Special Olympics since being with us, he has joined in with a few football sessions with other members of the Trust family, “I’ve bought myself some new boots for that” he explained proudly. He also has a big love of music, particularly reggae and was planning to watch the new Bob Marley film at the cinema.

Fiercely independent, Steven has been out and about both on his own and with staff, “I like to make sure I go out every day, now I’ve worked out the bus routes everything is fine and I can do that.”

From a close family, he has now joined the Trust permanently, and is pleased that his brothers know that he is enjoying his new home adding: “I’m glad to be here, and I know they are pleased for me that I’ve been so happy so far.”

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