One of our houses has gained a brand-new Fire Marshall after a Resident had spoken of his dream of taking on the role last year.

Glendon, who was part of Residents Workshops when we discussed the I/We Statements with them last year and earlier in 2024, had said how much he enjoyed helping at the weekly Fire Alarm Testing, now he has been doing the job with staff each week.

When we spoke to him last week after his latest test, he said “I like to help. I like being Fire Marshall, I put my jacket on and the alarm makes a noise. It’s very loud but everyone is safe!”

Glendon – who also loves DJ-ing and has performed that role at various Trust events including the Christmas Dinner Dance– said he now wanted to do it at Head Office, “I’d like to help there too.” he smiled.

The I/We Statements were put together by residents and will form the bedrock of the standards of care provided by the Trust as we move forward.

Under  the CQC’s new framework, residents are encouraged to provide personal statements and views on all aspects of their care, including everything from their living conditions, medication, activities, and work placements.

This Person-Centered approach to care has always been at the heart of what we do. The aim of Lisieux Trust is always to have a collaborative environment where residents feel heard, valued, and are actively involved in the way the organisation operates.

“A delight” and “Inspiring”.

Those were just a few of the words of praise heaped on our Tenant, Nick, after his presentation at a recent summit proved to be a real hit.

Nick was asked by Birmingham City Council to speak as an Expert by Experience at the ADHD and Autism Summit last week and Senior Commissioning Officer Steven Nash, was thrilled at the way he embraced the challenge.

“Nick is a delight to work with”, said Steven.  “His presentation was inspiring and demonstrated to the audience that nothing holds him back.  He lives life to the full and brings joy and a smile to all he meets.”

Mr. Nash admitted he was not surprised at the positivity, though, adding: “I have personally been lucky to have known Nick for many years.  Nick is well-liked by all who meet him, and his enthusiasm and outlook is infectious.  We wish him continuous success and look forward to working with Nick in the future.”

The popular Trust Tenant (Pictured below with his presentation) was one of many guests at the event. Attending with Trust Staff, he enthralled the crowd throughout his ten-minute slot by showing his Special Olympics Medals as well as a replica of the batten that he carried before the Commonwealth Games in 2022.

The summit is slated to return in 2025 and Nick has already been asked to be involved.

You can read a full account of the day here

The latest residents get together organised by Rosa, one of our Tenants, took place at Head Office this week.

Arts and Crafts were the order of the day as Residents and Staff came together to enjoy a couple of hours together.

Diamond Art was mostly the order of the day, as not only did Nicola and Gillian, two of the tenants begin theirs but did Support Worker Rich and Deputy Manager Tom (the latter pictured below).

The Arts and Crafts afternoon was the latest in a long line of events that Rosa has organised to bring everyone together regularly in a desire to build friendships, combat loneliness and improve mental health.

Starting at Christmas, there has been crafts and Pen Pals afternoons as well as an extremely successful pair of Makaton sessions that are set to return for further events soon.


One of our houses has – as we told you last week – been busy on a mission to get fit.

Residents and staff alike have been tasked with the Lisieux Trust Summer of Fitness, having all been given Steps Counters.

The endeavour began on May Bank Holiday and when we called in to see them on the morning of Tuesday 14th May they had done a staggering …[insert your own drum roll] 129,290 steps between them!

Deputy Manager Toni-Ann Whitehouse said everyone had “done so well!” but she added special praise for Janet who had done well over 1200 steps on laps of the garden despite only just recovering from a chest infection.

Toni had been pleased with her own efforts: “One shift I did over 6000, which I was pleased with but Jean, one of the Support Workers, reckoned I must’ve cheated!” she laughed.

Another Support worker Jane (pictured below) was proud of her morning of almost 4000, Resident Ben had clocked up over 4000 and had taken his to college with him, but the winner for the week was Resident John who had racked up over 6000 on his walks to Sutton Coldfield every day.

The overall aim of the summer is to walk the equivalent of Land’s End to John O’Groats ending on August Bank Holiday.

A GoFundMe has been set up so you can donate to the Trust, you can find that here: Fundraiser by Lisieux Trust : The Lisieux Trust Summer Of Fitness Fun (

It was great to see the whole trust come together on Friday night to celebrate the birthday of one of our most popular residents.

Danny, who celebrates his 60th birthday today, had his party on Friday night last week and fittingly, it was an evening of fun, laughter and friendship…. and of course, plenty of Irish dancing!

Sutton Coldfield Town’s function room on Coles Lane was packed with people who wanted to celebrate with Danny. These included family and friends as well as many of the staff, residents and tenants from the wider Trust family. They were treated to some traditional Irish music – Danny’s favourite – from  The Hurling Boys – as the drinks flowed.

Tori Greaves, one of the Senior Support Workers at Lisieux Trust, who organised the evening together with Danny’s family, was delighted with how the event turned out and added: “It really was lovely.”

That was a sentiment echoed by Danny himself who said “I had a great time” and told us that he thought it was nice of everyone to come, before in trademark style he wished everyone to “live long and prosper.”

Just as the weather is starting to improve, then so the garden at one of our houses has done likewise.

Residents at one of our properties are delighted after extensive renovations were made, helping them enjoy the summer even more than usual.

New garden furniture, ornaments, and plants have arrived – being modelled by Ben (below). When we caught up with them, one resident. Janet, said she thought it was “fantastic”.

“My favourite bit is all of it,” she said smiling.

Another resident. Debbie, had spent the warm Bank Holiday weekend taking advantage of the weather and the new furniture, and they met with her seal of approval too: “The new things are great,” she confirmed.

Manager Denise – who had decided on the spruce up – admitted she had other plans for the garden too, saying. “There are things I want to do to make it even better for the Residents and Staff, I want to make it somewhere that they can really chill out in and enjoy”

These pictures show just how good it looks, but it is especially important, given that the house in Sutton Coldfield is the epicentre of our recently announced Summer Of Fitness, where Residents and Staff are donning step counters in an effort to make the distance between Land’s End and John O’Groats between now and August Bank Holiday.

Over the last few months, you will have seen that Trust rapper Ade has been honing his skills, with all of his latest rhymes on all our social media.

Well, now he’s taken it to the next level and he spent the day in a professional recording studio recently.

Ade, along with one of our Senior Support Workers, TJ, booked a session in a facility in Birmingham and crafted a brilliant rap.

You can hear it here, with this lyric video.

With the help of the producer in the studio, they joined a few of Ade’s best raps (all of which you’d have seen on the Trust socials) and added some really slick beats to it.

Ade – who wore the t-shirt of his hero Eminem for the occasion, no doubt to get inspiration –  told us that he had enjoyed the experience: “It was brilliant”, he said “It was great to work with the producer and put some of my words to music. I will do it again.”

TJ admitted he was hoping Ade could make it a regular activity and added: “He did so well, I am really proud of him and it was great to be there, and the finished rap is brilliant.

Invigorated by the day in the studio, Ade has already written a new rap and you will be able to follow all of his work on our Social Media channels in the coming weeks and months.

The Trust Summer Of Fitness is underway – and we are getting closer to John O’Groats literally one step at a time.

The official beginning of the summer-long effort took place on Bank Holiday Monday, with the house residents and staff donning their step counters and walking around the garden, as the picture of Gill (above) shows.

We caught up with a couple of Residents the day after, to find out how it had gone: “It was lovely,” said Janet. “I am going to walk as much as I can and get really fit!”

Another, Debbie, echoed those thoughts and added: “It was nice and warm, we really enjoyed it.”

Staff are involved too – but are under strict rules that only steps they do when with the Residents count. They’re still on course to smash their targets, though as Ros, who had been wearing hers on shift, explained: “We’ve just logged our count for today, the three of us who have been on shift, and we’ve got almost 6000!”

Deputy Manager Toni (pictured below) said it was a great start and was delighted with the way that the whole house had bought into the fitness plan saying: “We’ve got a resident who has been wearing his while he’s been out today, another who has taken his to college. Everyone has really got involved.”

The idea to walk the equivalent of Lands’ End To John O’Groats over the summer months came after the house had done a lot of work on diet and nutrition with the charity Beezee Bodies and it was decided to keep the fitness focus going.

There will be Trust-wide events later in the year, and a GoFundMe page has been set up to raise money for the Trust.


The May edition of the Lisieux Trust Newsletter has been released.

This month’s publication is themed as it celebrates the contribution made by our residents and tenants who have different and varied job roles to the community.

The newsletter follows Tom to Superdry, Amii to the stables, Tom to the coffee shop, Lucy to Sutton Support Services, Rosa to the Day Centre, as well as Steven to New Oscott Village.

In addition, you can read the latest update from CEO Jess Alsop-Greenacre, a rundown of what happened in April in The Trust, a thank you to resident Elizabeth, and some news from Nick’s big night at the BBC.

Read it here:

Love was in the air last week at the Trust, as everyone came together to celebrate the engagement of two of our residents.

Jill and Jack announced their engagement on Valentine’s Day, and a party was held at Head Office as the whole Trust came together for an evening of dancing, laughter, and music.

Friends from outside the Trust as well as most of the Residents and Tenants, joined the happy couple to share their special evening.

Everyone who works at The Trust would like to send our very, very best wishes to the couple and we are glad they are so happy together.

A selection of pictures showing the fun of the night is below.