Celebrating 45 Years At The Same Day Centre

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Celebrating 45 Years At The Same Day Centre

26 Oct 2023 | Category: News

In a touching tribute to unwavering dedication and a deep sense of belonging, one of Lisieux Trust’s residents, Maura, recently commemorated an incredible 45 years at the Ebrook Day Centre in Sutton Coldfield. Her journey commenced in her teens and today, her affection for the place continues to radiate.

Maura’s connection with the long-established facility runs deep. “I came here for the first time when I was 16 years old, and I love it here,” Maura shares, her eyes bright with the countless memories she has made here. Her infectious enthusiasm and warm spirit have been a cornerstone of the Centre’s vibrant atmosphere for nearly half a century.

These days frequenting the centre three times a week, Maura eagerly anticipates her favourite day: “Music day on Tuesday!” she says firmly. “it’s great, we all have fun”.

For Maura, the Ebrook Day Centre has been a sanctuary. She arrived at the Trust just two days before the lockdown in 2020 and although she’s happy now, her former life wasn’t always as filled with fun, “Before I came to the Trust, going to Ebrook was the only time I got out. I used to come here every day. Now that I’m in the Trust, I have a lot more friends and do so much more. I only come three times a week but it’s great to see my friends, one of them has been coming nearly as long as me!”

Maura’s seniority at the Centre and her naturally outgoing, caring personality has not gone unnoticed by the staff there. She takes pride in welcoming newcomers, showing them around, and ensuring they feel a part of this special community. Indeed, she says it’s important: “People sometimes need help when they come for the first time. I just try and make sure everyone is ok and not worried.”


The attendees are presently preparing for the Christmas concert and Maura’s presence is felt more than ever. A veteran performer in the festive fun, she plays a vital role in the singing rehearsals. “I sing in the concert every year, I do enjoy it,” Maura says, shortly after she’d returned to her seat after being in the spotlight at the Karaoke.

Tony, one of the senior staff at the Centre, affirms her place in their hearts, “She’s our longest-serving member. If you want to know anything about Ebrook, ask Maura”, he says.  “What she doesn’t know about the place isn’t worth knowing. She is friends with everyone, she’ll help everyone, not just the new people. The place wouldn’t be the same without Maura.”

Maura’s 45-year journey with the Ebrook Day Centre is a testament to the enduring power of community and friendship. No doubt, she can look forward to many more years of shared memories and joyful moments in the decades to come.

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