Celebrating Learning Disability Week at Lisieux Trust

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Celebrating Learning Disability Week at Lisieux Trust

15 Jun 2023 | Category: Blog

This month we celebrate Learning Disability Week. The annual event which runs from 19th to 25th June is dedicated to raising awareness and creating a better understanding of what life is like with a learning disability.

Every year there is a specific theme for the week and in 2023 the focus is on showing the world the incredible things that people with learning disabilities achieve as a way of breaking the stigma.

As you know our team here at Lisieux Trust provides care and support for adults with learning disabilities or autism, so we are passionate about using our platform to raise awareness and celebrate individuals with learning disabilities in the hope of promoting a greater understanding.


Understanding Learning Disabilities

Learning disabilities affect the way that individuals process, acquire or retain information effectively. It could be anything from difficulties with reading, writing, math, attention, memory, or organisation.

However, it’s important to remember that learning disabilities are not indicative of intelligence, as individuals with learning disabilities often possess many talents and strengths in other areas.


Celebrating Achievements and Talents

Our focus at Lisieux Trust is on providing the environment for our tenants and residents to thrive, helping them find their passion, showcase their talents, and share their incredible personalities.

Many of our residents have incredible talent and abilities. We have lots of sports stars covering everything from Boccia and table tennis champions to dressage competition winners or keen fishermen.

Sporting achievement isn’t where it ends, we also have lots of tenants and residents who like to write poetry and rap and others who enjoy music, dancing, and a whole variety of other activities.

With all this incredible talent it’s our responsibility to create the environment for individuals within our community to enjoy themselves, develop new skills and learn more about themselves.


Empowering Potential

It’s important to break down any barriers around what people with learning disabilities can do.

Many people with learning disabilities live the most active and fulfilled lives. Lots of our tenants go to work every week or are enrolled in educational programs to expand their knowledge and skills.

With the right mindset and environment that encourages growth, anyone can unlock their potential, pursue their passions, and achieve everything they want in life.

Our focus will never deviate from doing just this.


Learn more about Lisieux Trust

With homes and supported living schemes across Northeast Birmingham – including Sutton Coldfield, we provide a place for adults with a learning disability or autism to live, learn, and laugh together.

To discover more about the support we provide take a look at our what we do page.

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