Lisieux Trust invest in emergency lifting chair

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Lisieux Trust invest in emergency lifting chair

28 Feb 2023 | Category: News

At Lisieux Trust, the safety of our tenants, residents and team members will always be our number one priority and one of the ways we ensure this is by providing all the equipment we need to protect and support the people in our care.

We recently purchased some specialist equipment in the form of a Raizor lifting chair that will enable us to lift our tenants and residents safely should they ever suffer a fall.

The decision to add this new safety equipment comes following recent ambulance crew strike action, where it emerged that due to shortages of paramedics, they would not be attending calls for trips or falls.

When someone has suffered a fall, the chair allows you to lift the person from the floor quickly, safely, and with minimal effort, even in tight spaces such as bathrooms or staircases.

It helps to remove the need to call an ambulance and leave the person waiting on the floor for a long period, both improving the quality of care and giving loved ones peace of mind.

The chair only requires a single carer to use it, unlike many others that require someone to operate the chair and another person to support the injured person as they are lifted.

It will be stored at one of our properties but is easily transportable due to its compact design and all members of the Lisieux team will be trained in how to use the equipment safely and correctly.

This means we can also protect our team members from injury when giving assistance, providing with the right equipment and training to safely support the person in need.

More about Lisieux Trust

We have 11 homes across the Sutton Coldfield and Erdington area where all our wonderful tenants and residents reside. We take pride in stating that each of our homes has its own unique character to match the personalities of the people we support, and this is enforced across all our properties.

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