Staff help me see other people in the community and at other care homes to prevent me becoming isolated.

John’s Story

What good care looks like to me:

– Being able to have my money to spend on things I want.
– Staff treating me like an adult.
– Staff ensuring I don’t spend too much time with residents I don’t like.
– Staff introducing me to new things to watch that I might enjoy.
– Staff showing me how to use technology since I enjoy it.
– Staff assisting me with returning items to the shop that don’t work or that I don’t like.
– Staff helping me keep my bedroom tidy so I don’t trip over my belongings on the floor.
– Management assisting me in decorating my room with Marvel characters, including my favourite, Batman.
– Staff enabling me to socialize with others in the community and at other care homes to prevent isolation.
– Staff supporting me in staying in touch with my family.
– Staff engaging in conversation with me when I am angry, eliminating the need for medication to calm down.

What bad experiences I have had in care:

– My previous managers wouldn’t give me access to my money, so I resorted to eating out of bins.
– My previous managers didn’t provide enough money, leading me to pick up cigarettes from the floor.
– Staff at my previous provider made promises to me and failed to keep them, which made me angry.
– Staff at my previous provider would shout back at me when I was angry, escalating the situation.
– Staff at my previous provider restrained me when I was angry, which I found unpleasant.
– Previous staff and managers would administer medication to calm me down instead of communicating with me.

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