I like living here I like my home and I like all my friends I live with

Karen’s Story

Karen put this together with our staff


I asked Karen if she could share her experience with me about her previous care home.

Karen said she stayed with her mum for years but had problems and was eventually moved to another home.

“The other home I stayed at got closed,” my mum told me.

“I always had microwave dinners, never a cooked meal. I went to foodbanks for my food.

“They shouted at me and were very bossy, always telling me off.

“One tried to hit me and called the police on me. I cried all the time when I was in the other home.

“I didn’t like it there. I don’t want to move anywhere else; I like my new home, the one I live in now.

“I was a bit scared when I came to my new home, but the staff are all nice, and I have friends. My mum is happy that I am here; she can go on her holidays now, and she visits me more.

“The food is great, and I help cook with the staff. I can choose my meals; I don’t have to have my dinner if I am not ready and can have it later. We have a menu to choose from with pictures on it. Everyone is friendly, and I have lots of friends here. I have my own phone and iPad. We have meetings, and we can complain; I know how to do this.

“I can go to the local shops, go out for meals, go to the cinema. I get help with my room; I have modern furniture, a new bed, and a TV. My mum bought me a big pink chair.

“My staff are all nice and look after me; they take me out on activities, book theatre tickets for me, and take me on holiday. We have parties as well. I like the staff; they never shout at me.

“They talk to me and make me laugh lots.

“If I am unwell, staff call the doctor and go with me; I don’t want to go myself. Staff will tell the doctor for me. I like the staff to talk for me in the doctor’s office; I get a bit shy when I talk to the doctor. The doctor calls the house every Wednesday, and I know I can speak to them on this day.

“I have had all my COVID and flu jabs; it was my choice. They came to the house; I didn’t have to go there, and it was okay; it didn’t hurt. The nurse was nice.

Anything else you want to say about your staff?

“Yes, they are there when I need support. Staff sing a lot; some are bad singers! Staff take me to the hairdressers, and I get my nails done.

“I like living here; I like my home and all my friends I live with. Staff always help me. I get phone calls from my family and see my dad every Sunday and my nephew.

Anything else you want to say?

“No,” Karen said, “my mum’s coming round in a bit, and we are all having ice cream. My mum has an ice cream van, and we get free ice cream.”


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