This is home and I feel really safe

Maura’s Story

I moved into Francis House on the 20th of March, 2020. Before that, with another provider. Prior to this, I lived with my mum and dad.


My experience at the home I was at before the Trust was not very pleasant. The staff were not attentive and rarely took me out; the only outings I had were with my family. The living space was cramped, often leading to accidental encounters with other residents. Most meals were microwaved, and I had to retire to my room by 8 p.m. with staff sleeping nearby. There were no holidays or day trips, except for occasional visits to Ebrook, which got me out. Overall, it was an experience I would not want to relive. While some staff were kind, others were not.


Moving into Francis was a welcome change. I already knew many of the residents, which made the transition easy. I was warmly welcomed, and the staff treated me with kindness. They take me out regularly, including on holidays, and I have the freedom to go to bed when I choose. There are always activities available, and the staff are supportive. The house is spacious, and I can select meals from three different menus. I also enjoy baking with the staff and recently helped make turkey cottage pie. I often go out for meals and coffee with friends, and the staff even take us to the library where I’ve become a member. Additionally, I am part of the steering group at the Trust and the Ebrook Centre, advocating for the residents’ needs.


I feel empowered to speak on behalf of others during our monthly meetings, contributing to the agenda and representing their interests effectively. Our doctor’s service is excellent, providing timely care as needed and checking in on us weekly.


I have found a comfortable and supportive home at Francis. I have made many friends here and feel safe and secure. I know I can always turn to the staff or the manager if I need someone to talk to or help me with any concerns.

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