New Blog: Embracing Excellence: Lisieux Trust Proud Of Quality Audit

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New Blog: Embracing Excellence: Lisieux Trust Proud Of Quality Audit

24 Jan 2024 | Category: Blog



At Lisieux Trust, care, compassion, and dedication happen every day, it is second nature to us as we strive to put our residents at the heart of everything we do.


That approach has been seen with some wonderful ratings and comments in the most recent Lisieux Trust Quality Audit Survey, which has unveiled a chorus of resounding approval, painting a vivid picture of an organisation and community that goes above and beyond, and where excellence is the norm.


Families’ Trust: 100% Recommending Lisieux


For the families of our residents and tenants, Lisieux Trust is more than just a care provider; it’s a beacon of trust and reliability. With unanimous enthusiasm, 100% of families expressed their confidence in us, affirming that they would wholeheartedly recommend Lisieux Trust.


Where Houses are Homes: 95% Feel the Warmth


Within the walls of Lisieux homes, a sense of family permeates every room. An impressive 95% of our residents feel that their house is not just a dwelling, but a true sanctuary, where they can find comfort, warmth, and a sense of belonging.


Staff: The Guiding Lights of Support


To our residents, the staff at Lisieux are more than just caregivers—they are pillars of trust, friendship and compassion. In a remarkable vindication of our person-centred approach. 100% of residents expressed their fondness for their dedicated Support Workers. Comments like “I always feel safe,” “all my staff are very caring,” and “I’ve got a great keyworker” are a testament to the profound connections forged within our community.


A Year of Unwavering Support: A Family Affair


Families echoed the sentiments of their loved ones, expressing overwhelming satisfaction with the support provided over the past year. Phrases like “Good,” “settled,” and “caring” flowed freely, reflecting the positive impact Lisieux Trust has had on their lives. Some even shared, “I don’t know what I would have done without the Trust.”


A Legacy of Dedication: Staff Celebrating a Decade and More


As well as asking questions of how we could improve of the families, residents and tenants. Many dedicated members of our Lisieux family have walked this journey with us for over a decade, their unwavering commitment creating a legacy of care. Over half of our staff have stood by us for more than ten years, a testament to the fulfilling environment we provide. Recognised as a former Employer of the Year at the Care Awards, more than half of our team would proudly recommend Lisieux Trust as an employer of choice.


A Culture of Openness: Ideas Flourish


At Lisieux Trust, ideas are welcomed, cherished, and celebrated. Three-quarters of respondents expressed that they felt free to express their thoughts, creating an environment where innovation thrives. Moreover, almost 90% praised the training they received, emphasising comments like “My manager is always open” and “I love my job as a support worker.”


Joanne Bongiovi, the Head of HR and Administration for the Trust looked at the survey as a whole and said: “These results are more than just numbers; they are a testament to the vibrant, caring community that is Lisieux Trust. Together, we continue to set the standard for compassionate, high-quality Person-centred care and support. Thank you for being a part of this remarkable journey towards brighter, more fulfilling lives for all.


“Even though these results are obviously very pleasing, we will continue to strive to be even better.”


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