New Blog: Why The Incoming Government Must See Learning Disabilities As Important

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New Blog: Why The Incoming Government Must See Learning Disabilities As Important

20 Jun 2024 | Category: Blog

Last week we had an event at Head Office, attended by almost 30 residents from across our properties where we were planning for a major project in conjunction with the Care Quality Commission (CQC). There will be more news on that in the coming weeks, but the work aims to show that people with Learning Disabilities and people with autism are capable of making valuable and vital contributions to communities.

This week is Learning Disabilities Week and the theme is “Do you see me” and it chimes with the Trust’s ethos.

All across our Trust you will find people pursuing their interests, whether that is working for a major retailer in one of Britain’s most iconic shopping developments, in a stable, creating their music in the recording studio, gardening, or making contributions in charity shops, coffee shops, helping at Day Centres or countless other things.

According to Government figures from 2023, there are 1.3 million people diagnosed with a Learning Disability in the UK. And central to all we do at The Trust is to fight for our Residents and Tenants to live their lives in the way they choose.

In two weeks, there is an election in this country. It is – if you believe the polls – more or less certain to result in a change of Governing Party. Yet, a search online on the 144-page Labour Manifesto shows just one mention of disabilities (on page 85).

By contrast on Mencap’s social media posts this week,  there are a collection of stark figures.

Here are some:

  • Twice as many people with a learning disability die avoidably as those without.
  • 28% of people in the UK believe that Learning Disabilities relates to a mental health problem
  • One in five people in the UK have seen people mocked because of a Learning Disability
  • And households including people with a Learning Disability need £975 a month to enjoy the same standard of living as those who are non-disabled.

How can that be right? And how can it be that the party who will likely form the next Government is not talking about any of those things in their plans for the country after July 5th?

One of our residents – who is also an expert by experience for the Oliver McGowan Training Programme – is politically active and was part of the local Conservative MP’s campaign launch the other week. He harbours ambitions to be a councilor and if you talk to him, he’ll tell you why: “I want to help people in the community” he says, every time.

All we ask of Sir Keir Starmer, or Rishi Sunak, whoever leads the party who governs us after July 4th, does the same to improve things for the huge community of people who have so much to offer, but are too often still unheard and unseen.

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