History and Origin

Lisieux Trust, established in 1984, is managed by an elected Board of Directors. The aims and objectives of Lisieux Trust are to provide high quality support/information and/or accommodation to disabled people in and around the West Midlands. Services offered by Lisieux Trust include the provision of 24-hour residential accommodation, supported living establishments with full tenancy rights, information and support to disabled people, carers and their families, and significant others. Support can range from promotion of daily life skills, independent travel, access to work, further education, training, leisure activities, information and support regarding personal benefits, advocacy and access to other support services. The ethos of Lisieux Trust is to recognise and value individual rights above anything else; encouraging people to achieve their full potential and take a valued role in society.

The organisation’s name; “Lisieux” Trust is French in origin and derived from a village in Normandy, France. It is pronounced phonetically as “Liss-yer”.

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