Service User Steering Group

Lisieux Trust is committed to providing a quality service to all who partake, are affected by, or who are in any way associated with, the services that it offers.

To achieve this, Lisieux Trust endeavours to ensure all its customers, including, residents/tenants, employees, stakeholders and general public, are provided opportunity to comment upon its services, identify and raise concerns, and contribute to organisational proposals, review and development of services, activities and policies.

Lisieux Trust’s service delivery and standards are additionally monitored and reviewed by its Service User Steering Group, assisting the Board of Directors and management group in service user consultation processes.

This group comprises exclusively of service users, with external facilitation support. Its members are elected by the service users of Lisieux Trust, meeting on a regular basis. Along with our Board of Directors, the Group is committed to influencing and directing policy change; together they consult all affected individuals, groups or organisations, regarding area of service provision and customer involvement including:

• Planning reviews or changes to the level or impact of service;

• Planning any review or change in tariff levels of a service;

• Undertaking service reviews.

• Ensuring all those directly affected are consulted and provided with opportunity to participate and influence.

• Encouraging customers to consider a range of options regarding provision of service delivery.

• Considering the views of residents/tenants, clients, stakeholders, volunteers, parents and general public.

• Ensuring the outcome is not affected by any unrepresentative individuals or pressure groups.

• Ensuring our customers are aware of the outcome of any consultation.

• Explaining how any decision will be implemented.

• Influencing policy changes; ensuring they are effective for people with learning disabilities.

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