Paul The Hot-Stepper As Fitness Target To Be Smashed

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Paul The Hot-Stepper As Fitness Target To Be Smashed

14 Jun 2024 | Category: News

341, 113 steps.

That is the astonishing amount of work done by our fitness-mad residents this week at one house as the Summer of Fitness continues.

The distance, which is the equivalent of 150 miles, was walked by the Residents and Staff as they head towards their target of making the distance  from Land’s End to John O’Groats before the August Bank Holiday.

Deputy Manager, Toni-Ann said all the residents and staff – who have all been given Step Counters – had bought into the scheme, but reserved special praise for Paul (pictured) who had been crowned “hot stepper” this week.

“Paul goes to Day Centre most days, and he takes his step counter with him”, she said. “He’s been walking everywhere, I am super proud of him, but all the guys and the staff have been great.”

The scheme is the latest in a line of improvements made by the Residential Home in Sutton Coldfield, which have included a focus on nutrition and fitness that began with Birmingham-based charitable organisation Beezee Bodies offering advice to residents and staff alike as they underwent a weight loss programme in the late winter and early spring.

The residents are aiming to raise money for the Trust through their endeavours.

You can donate here:

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