Residential Care: How Can It Benefit Your Loved One?

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Residential Care: How Can It Benefit Your Loved One?

28 May 2023 | Category: Blog

Here at Lisieux Trust, we provide 24-hour residential care for adults with learning disabilities and autism. Just like supported living, it is an important part of the support we provide.

We currently have three care properties located in Sutton Coldfield and Erdington dedicated to this residential service, which currently home around 30 of our residents.

In this blog, we are going to talk about some of the benefits of choosing this form of care for your loved one and provide you with a greater understanding of this type of support.


Specialised Care

Our residential support focuses on individuals with learning disabilities or autism who require round-the-clock support.

Everyone in our care will typically have their support and accommodation paid for by a local authority adult social service.

The level of support required will vary from person to person, but can include everyday tasks such as personal care, taking medication, and helping with household chores, through to empowering people to enjoy their favourite hobbies, activities, and spending more time in their local community.

A meeting will take place with a social worker before moving in where the residents’ requirements will be assessed before an agreement is reached between the person, social service, and our Trust detailing exactly what individual support we will need to provide for that resident.

All our homes are run by experienced and friendly registered managers who will be responsible for ensuring that the right support is available to meet aspects of our residents’ daily needs and wellbeing.


Increased Independence

Our focus has always been on creating opportunities for our residents to thrive and lead more independent lives.

Alongside the required support, we look to provide the opportunity for residents to develop and build many of the skills needed in their day-to-day lives such as cooking, cleaning, laundry, personal care and financial management.

Every resident also has access to a programme of activities, volunteering or education based on their interests and skills that we hope will help encourage them to build and maintain relationships with the people around them and engage in new experiences.

For example, we host a gardening club at our head office every week and regular activity mornings where our tenants and residents can get together and socialise whilst enjoying a fun activity that brings an opportunity to develop key skills. We love doing what we can to help residents thrive.


Safe and Secure Accommodation

All our residents are provided with accommodation that includes their own private bedroom, access to shared living areas and a garden.

When a resident moves in they are provided with a furniture pack that includes a bed, mattress, chest of drawers and wardrobe and they can choose to decorate their bedroom as they wish and put their own personal stamp on it.

Residents also have all their meals prepared by our team and are given the choice of what they would like to eat and when bringing more independence and choice over their own lives.

We also love seeing our residents’ family members come to visit our residents and see more of the Lisieux Trust community.


Learn More about Lisieux Trust

With homes and supported living schemes across Northeast Birmingham – including Sutton Coldfield, we provide a place for adults with a learning disability or autism to live, learn, and laugh together.

Find out more about the support we provide on our website at

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