Residents Undergo Nutrition Programme

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Residents Undergo Nutrition Programme

24 Apr 2024 | Category: News

A special nutrition programme at one of our houses has brought great results with residents delighted to lose weight after the completion of the course.

The charity Beezee Bodies were invited into our Vesey Road House for a couple of days a week for 10 weeks to help both Residents and staff. They gave nutrition, cooking, and weight loss advice, as Trust Registered Manager, Denise Barrett, elaborates: “The training began at the end of January and ran into the Spring.”

It included face-to-face training for residents and remote learning on Zoom for staff.

The programme was delivered by Beezee Bodies Nutritionist Faith Barber-Hughes together with Dietician Lottie Cross.

It was a wide-ranging holistic programme taking in many facets, with Denise elaborating: “We have been supported with help identifying food groups and work on portion sizes, as well as sugar and salt in food.”

But it wasn’t just lessons, there was plenty of practical work too: “Residents have been supported with making low-sugar pudding and breakfasts in the kitchen by Faith and her team,” said Denise.

The penultimate session saw the team from Beezee Bodies looking a Take-aways and so-called “Fake-away” alternatives with residents – and also saw Debbie and Janet, two of our residents, weighed, Both were delighted that they’d achieved their weight loss goals (as the pictures below show).

Beezee Bodies currently receive funding from Birmingham City Council to deliver this training for people and carers of people who have a learning disability.

They aim to create long-term sustainable changes towards a healthier lifestyle through weight management, fitness, and nutrition learning, as well as top tips and handy strategies to crack those bad habits and replace them with healthy ones.



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