I like that staff accept my apology when I have been angry at them, and we can carry on having a good relationship

Summer’s Story

What good care looks like to me

  • I appreciate that the staff support me and speak calmly to me when I am upset.
  • I value living with other residents; they now feel like family members to me.
  • I appreciate that staff and management always come up with creative activities that I would enjoy and support me in planning and participating in them. For example, the staff arranged for me to clean stables and look after horses, which I wouldn’t have been able to do without their help.
  • Staff support me with my finances and assist me in purchasing items I like; they help me buy my favorite things, such as concert tickets and items from Amazon.
  • I like that staff listen to me and take me seriously when I express a desire to change my diet to vegan, vegetarian, etc., and then help me cook meals that align with my preferences.
  • I appreciate that staff accept my apologies when I have been angry with them, and we can continue to maintain a positive relationship.
  • I am grateful for the support of staff when I decided to change my identity from male to female. They helped me buy new clothes and respected the name I chose to be called.

What bad experiences I have had in care

  • Managers at my old care provider used to shout at me when I was angry and threaten me.
  • Staff at my old care provider did not respect my choice to change my gender identity, which made me feel uncomfortable in my own skin.
  • Managers at my old care provider would argue with my boyfriend and made me feel guilty for wanting to spend time with him.
  • Management at my old provider would not allow me to spend my own money, and I had to rely on my boyfriend to go out with and buy things for me.
  • When I was in care as a child, I felt like they only cared about the money they received for looking after me and did not care about my needs or feelings.
  • Some staff at my old provider would spend their time on their phones and not pay attention to me or provide any support.
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