Supporting individuals with Down’s syndrome at Lisieux Trust

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Supporting individuals with Down’s syndrome at Lisieux Trust

28 Oct 2022 | Category: Blog

Down’s syndrome is a genetic disorder associated with physical growth delays, characteristic facial features, and mild to moderate developmental and intellectual disability.

Most people are born with 46 chromosomes. However, someone born with Down’s syndrome will have an extra chromosome. This occurs roughly once in 700 babies.

The care requirements of individuals with the condition vary from person to person, with intellectual and developmental issues varying from mild, moderate or severe.

In this blog, we are going to focus on the support we provide for people with Down’s syndrome and answer some of the key concerns family members may have about how their loved ones may be affected.

How can Lisieux Trust help my loved one become more independent?

Our focus is on supporting adults with learning disabilities to live independent and fulfilled lives. People with Down’s syndrome often live well into their 70’s and 80’s.

Like everyone, the level of physical ability and agility of someone with Down’s syndrome varies from person to person, but there is no aspect of their condition that will impact their ability to take part in regular activities.

Many of our supported living tenants with Down’s syndrome have fantastic opportunities to integrate within the community, attend places of work, volunteering roles, higher education, and take part in regular activities.

We also support adults to develop and build skills in the home, such as cooking, cleaning and laundry.

How do you approach the care of an adult with Down’s syndrome?

Everyone receives a tailored approach to their care. A detailed assessment before placement, to determine the level of support needed because we understand that tenants might be highly independent in some areas of life but require more support in others.

How is the care funded?

In the current cost of living crisis, we understand that it may be a struggle to fund the care of a loved one privately.

Those in our care are often eligible to apply for a range of welfare benefits including housing benefit. These can be used towards help pay for their rent, utilities, groceries and activities. Where required we can provide support to anyone in our care to apply and manage their benefits.

Donations also help enrich the lives of the people in our care. For example, when we receive £15, it can fund a course for a resident or tenant, £30 could help towards nurturing hobbies and £50 helps fund social opportunities for our people.

Residential care at Lisieux Trust

With 11 homes situated across Northeast Birmingham – including Sutton Coldfield, we provide a place for adults with a learning disability or autism to live together, learn together and laugh together.

Find out more about the support we provide on our website at –

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