Brendan Griffith

Registered Manager


Bren joined Lisieux Trust in…

September 2012

The best way to describe what Bren does here at Lisieux Trust is….

Bren is responsible for ensuring that the tenants within the projects he manages have full and meaningful lives. He focusses on guaranteeing they live within a safe environment, and have all their care needs met. Bren also makes certain that the staff supporting the tenants are fully trained and competent within their job role.

A brief summary of Bren’s background is…

Bren has over 11 years’ experience of working with individuals who display challenging behaviour, autism, learning disabilities and mental health conditions. He also holds qualifications in health and social care, and educational training. He joined Lisieux Trust as a support worker, and through his vast experience, he worked his way up to his position today.

Bren is motivated to do what he does at Lisieux Trust because…

Bren believes everything that he does within his job role at Lisieux Trust motivates him. In particular, he loves the enjoyment he sees when a tenant succeeds in something they have been trying to do for a long time, or when they achieve goals which they previously considered unobtainable.

He really appreciates moments such as when he receives a genuine smile from a tenant at the start of his day, or an enthusiastic goodbye at the end of a shift. He believes these are the things that no other job will ever give you, and feels you can only experience these things when you and all the others around you do the job well.

In his spare time, Bren loves to…

At the weekends, Bren coaches football for children aged between 8 – 13. He also likes to spend time with his family and friends, and he enjoys any type of sport and exercise.

Three things on Bren’s bucket list are…

1 – See the Northern Lights

2 – Visit Venice and Rome

3 – Retire in a place that has hot weather and is near to a beach

Bren’s life motto is…

‘Be yourself – everyone else is already taken.’

Brendan Griffith
Registered Manager

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