Denise Barrett

Registered Manager

Dee joined Lisieux Trust in…

December 2007

The best way to describe what Dee does here at Lisieux Trust is….

Dee worked as a Project Coordinator within our supported living service for 10 years, where she oversaw 10 supported living projects. In 2017, she made the move over to residential care, heading up Lisieux House, and registered with CQC.

Dee currently supports 12 residents at Lisieux House and Bartres Bungalow, all with varying abilities. She also manages one supported living property. With this in mind, Dee is responsible for 19 members of staff; she ensures they are trained and well equipped to support residents and tenants in line with their assessed support plan, making sure they are empowered to live life to their full potential.

A brief summary of Dee’s background is…

Dee has always worked in health and social care. She started her career working within mental health hospitals, before moving on to work for a variety of adult and children’s services. She has been working with adults with a learning disability for over 15 years.

Dee has personal experience of caring for a family member with a learning disability.

Dee is motivated to do what she does at Lisieux Trust because…

Our residents and tenants motivate Dee. Having worked for the Trust for a number of years, she has built strong relationships with our people and their families. She has seen residents and tenants pushing boundaries and striving to achieve more and more.

In her spare time, Dee loves…

Spending time with family, watching Netflix, and drinking wine!

Three things on Dee’s bucket list are…

She doesn’t have one! Though, Dee does admit that she’s always wanted to plan a trip to Hawaii, due to a childhood memory of watching the Elvis Presley film, Blue Hawaii, with her mum.

She’s also really keen to be a part of the staff team to achieve an overall outstanding rating through CQC at Lisieux House.

Dee’s life motto is…

‘Be kind.’

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