Jess Alsop-Greenacre


Jess joined Lisieux Trust in…

February 2018

The best way to describe what Jess does here at Lisieux Trust is…

Jess is responsible for working with our Board of Directors, our senior management team and all employees to deliver Lisieux Trust’s strategic goals. She oversees everything that happens at the charity on a day-to-day basis; supporting employees to solve problems and implement new ideas, as well as ensuring we manage our care, finances and, health and safety correctly.

A brief summary of Jess’s background is…

Jess has always been passionate about working in the not-for-profit sector, and supporting people with disabilities. In her university years, Jess had part-time jobs with various charities that worked with people with learning disabilities, autism, and long-term health conditions. Before joining Lisieux Trust, Jess was a senior manager for a regional grant making charity, which involved supporting local organisations to apply to the charity for funding to run community projects. Prior to this, she spent six years at a regional charity, supporting people with learning disabilities and autism. Jess’s last two years in this charity were as Deputy Chief Executive, overseeing a range of projects and services, all focussed on supporting people with learning disabilities and autism, and their families. It was at this point Jess realised that this was the sector where she wanted to spend her career.

Jess is motivated to do what she does at Lisieux Trust because…

Our residents and tenants never fail to surprise and inspire her; she feels their resilience, ambition and positivity are amazing. Ensuring their happiness and wellbeing is the focus of everything Jess does, and she believes this deserves her very best efforts every single day. Working as part of a team that includes incredible staff and the wonderful families and friends of our residents and tenants helps her to go that extra mile.

In her spare time, Jess loves…

Spending time with her friends and family, keeping fit, reading and dancing are all Jess’s favourite pastimes!

Three things on Jess’s Bucket List are…

1- Climb Snowdon

2- Re-learn to play the piano

3- Be a backing dancer for Beyonce (though she admits this may be slightly out of reach!)

Jess’s life motto is…

“The most basic of all human needs is to understand and be understood. The best way to understand people is to listen to them.” (Stolen from Ralph Nichols) or ‘Be the person your dog thinks you are.’

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