Nigel Downs

Interim CEO (maternity leave cover)

Nigel joined Lisieux Trust in…

July 2022, but he became a Board Member in September 2021, he also serves on the Property Sub-Committee and Risk Sub-Committee.

The best way to describe what Nigel does here at Lisieux Trust is….

At present whilst covering for Jess as Interim CEO, he is responsible for the overall operational management of the organisation and as ICEO  he reports directly to the Chair of the Board and other Directors.

A brief summary of Nigel’s background is…

He has spent most of his career working in the housing and social care sector.

He began his career in 1985 with Manchester City Council Social Services Department as a Project Co-ordinator, then moved to Newcastle in Staffordshire as Senior Elderly Services Officer with the Borough Council where he stayed for 5 years before moving to Newark and Sherwood District Council in Nottinghamshire as Principal Housing Officer. He left NSDC to join North Staffordshire Housing Consortium (before it became Choices Housing Association) primarily to lead on NSHC becoming a Registered Social Landlord following the transfer of staff and patients from the two local learning disability hospitals into community-based care homes and supported housing services. He stayed with Choices for 23 years as Housing Manager, then Director of Operations and Deputy Chief Executive before becoming Managing Director in 2011 when they entered a partnership with the Wrekin Housing Group.

In his spare time, Nigel loves to…

Do voluntary work (which is what brought himto the Trust). Over the past 30 years he’s been involved with a variety of organisations and really enjoyed supporting them to do vital work for local communities. He’s still a member of the University of Derby’s University Court, having previously served on the Further Education Sub-Committee of the University and been a Trustee of Buxton and Leek College of Further Education and Art. He also enjoys travelling and photography.

Three things on Nigel’s bucket list are…

Whilst he’s travelled around Europe and the USA, he’s never been to the Far East, so he would love to visit Vietnam, Cambodia, and Thailand.

Despite his love of travelling, he doesn’t particularly enjoy flying! He’s always considered getting a private pilot’s licence in the belief that if he knew more about ‘how it all works’ it might help with his dislike of it…but then it might do the opposite!

He used to be a keen swimmer so would love to go Scuba Diving but obviously somewhere very warm.

Nigel’s life motto is…

‘Never stop learning and don’t limit yourself.’

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