Tenant Organises Craft Afternoon

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Tenant Organises Craft Afternoon

07 Dec 2023 | Category: News

The festive spirit soared at Lisieux Trust in a heartwarming craft afternoon organised by one of our tenants. The event, designed for residents and staff, was a tremendous success, weaving threads of joy, creativity, and companionship.

Rosa took the lead, orchestrating a delightful session where participants came together to craft beautiful Christmas decorations destined for loved ones and friends. Over 20 residents and staff eagerly participated, infusing the atmosphere with laughter, camaraderie, and a shared sense of seasonal merriment.

The session wasn’t just about crafting; it was a holistic experience, the air was filled with the delightful aroma of hot chocolate and mince pies. Christmas melodies reverberated, elevating the spirits of everyone present.

When asked about her motivation behind organising the session, Rosa’s sincerity shone through. “I thought it would be fun,” she said with a smile, revealing her desire to spread joy and bring people together. But there was a deeper purpose driving her initiative. “I know it can be a lonely time for people,” Rosa expressed, acknowledging the challenges some might face during the festive season. “So I thought this might help people from being upset.”

Rosa’s thoughtful consideration of others’ feelings echoes the spirit of care and empathy deeply ingrained in the Lisieux community, and buoyed by the success of the event, Rosa is already envisioning the next gathering in the new year. “We might do craft again,” she shared, “but maybe something completely different. We’ll see!”

We do need to give a special mention to Nicola, who opted to do Diamond Art instead of a card, and her Rudolf (below) is absolutely brilliant!

Stay tuned for the upcoming sessions at Lisieux Trust, where creativity, warmth, and togetherness will once again take centre stage, illuminating the path with joy and compassion.


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