That’s a Rap For Ade, As Studio Session Strikes Gold

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That’s a Rap For Ade, As Studio Session Strikes Gold

09 May 2024 | Category: News

Over the last few months, you will have seen that Trust rapper Ade has been honing his skills, with all of his latest rhymes on all our social media.

Well, now he’s taken it to the next level and he spent the day in a professional recording studio recently.

Ade, along with one of our Senior Support Workers, TJ, booked a session in a facility in Birmingham and crafted a brilliant rap.

You can hear it here, with this lyric video.

With the help of the producer in the studio, they joined a few of Ade’s best raps (all of which you’d have seen on the Trust socials) and added some really slick beats to it.

Ade – who wore the t-shirt of his hero Eminem for the occasion, no doubt to get inspiration –  told us that he had enjoyed the experience: “It was brilliant”, he said “It was great to work with the producer and put some of my words to music. I will do it again.”

TJ admitted he was hoping Ade could make it a regular activity and added: “He did so well, I am really proud of him and it was great to be there, and the finished rap is brilliant.

Invigorated by the day in the studio, Ade has already written a new rap and you will be able to follow all of his work on our Social Media channels in the coming weeks and months.

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