Trust Annouces New Project Team

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Trust Annouces New Project Team

20 Sep 2023 | Category: News

Lisieux Trust always strives to maintain the highest quality standards and to achieve the best possible ratings during inspections from the care regulator, the Care Quality Commission (CQC).

CQC have recently updated their inspection framework and will now be expecting care providers to set quality standards that are based on the views of the individuals they support.

The residents and tenants at Lisieux Trust are always in control of their own care and support; they say how they would like their support to be delivered. The new approach by CQC means Lisieux Trust has taken this to the next level.

Under CQC’s new framework, residents are encouraged to provide personal statements on all aspects of their care, including everything from their living conditions, medication, activities, and work placements. These statements will then form the overarching quality standards that Lisieux Trust will work to.

Lisieux Trust decided to put together a project team to set these quality standards. Representatives from each of Lisieux Trust’s homes were welcomed at the Head Office to share their insights and personal statements with senior managers. The results were overwhelmingly positive, reflecting the culture at Lisieux Trust that puts residents in control of their care and support.

During the 90-minute meeting, residents articulated their appreciation for the attentive and responsive staff. Comments such as “If I ask staff for help they listen” echoed sentiments of genuine care and respect for residents’ autonomy. Praise was also lavished on the hard-working and supportive staff members, both seasoned and new, who have been instrumental in creating an empowering and enjoyable environment.

Residents were also quick to express their satisfaction with the diverse range of activities provided, recounting recent outings like the trip to see the acclaimed musical, The Lion King. Additionally, many residents celebrated the opportunity to work in prominent retail establishments, including Superdry in the Bull Ring in Birmingham, further underscoring the Trust’s commitment to fostering meaningful connections within the community.

This inaugural meeting marks just the beginning of the project. Lisieux Trust has always placed immense value on the feedback received from residents, viewing it as an integral part of shaping the organization’s strategy. The aim is always to have a collaborative environment where residents feel heard, valued, and actively involved in the way the organisation operates.

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