Trust Head Office Featured In New Project And Inspires A Poem

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Trust Head Office Featured In New Project And Inspires A Poem

11 Sep 2023 | Category: News

In a heartwarming union of art and community, the Lisieux Trust Head Office has become the muse for a poignant poem, crafted by local poet Ian Henery of Walsall. The inspiration for this lyrical masterpiece arose from a photograph taken by David Moore, a talented photographer involved in The Grid Project. This project, aptly titled “In Search Of Urban Happiness,” has set its sights on Birmingham for the remainder of the year, capturing the city’s essence and spirit.

David Moore’s journey to capture the Lisieux Trust Head Office holds a deeply personal significance. As a child, he visited the building – then a mother and baby medical centre – with his mother, an experience that left an indelible mark on him. Over 50 years later, Moore returned to the site, compelled by his childhood memories and the emotions they evoked. Armed with his camera, he sought to immortalize the essence of the building.

Ian Henery, renowned for his evocative verses and deep connection to the West Midlands, was entrusted with the task of transforming Moore’s visual narrative into poetic form.

For those intrigued by David Moore’s work, further exploration can be found on his blog. To delve into Ian Henery’s poetic world, visit his website.

For more information about The Grid Project and their mission, please visit their official website

Here’s Ian’s poem in full

        The Lisieux Trust in Marsh Lane


(“Autism didn`t stop Einstein, Mozart, Netwon or Temple Grandin reaching the stars!”)


Support those with a disability

We provide accommodation and care,

We just have different abilities.


Happy lives full of opportunity,

Create independence, choice and health care

Support those with a disability.


Skills needed to thrive in society,

Special needs, off the grid, “here” not “nowhere”:

We just have different abilities.


All of our people have nobility,

We nurture their confidence and welfare,

Support those with a disability.


Tenancy and responsibility,

Supported living and not “anywhere”;

We just have different abilities.


We`re blessed with powers of capability,

Our people are the answers to our prayer:

Support those with a disability,

We just have different abilities.


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