What we do

What we do goes far beyond providing care. We support our people to live a life full of choice and opportunity.

Our services

We provide care and accommodation for adults with a learning disability and adults on the autism spectrum. With two residential care homes and eight supported living establishments around Sutton Coldfield and Erdington in Birmingham, our organisation exists to make living more accessible and fulfilling for our people.

Our support is person-centred. We carry out detailed assessments of every resident and tenant that walks through our doors, to ensure they are supported in the best way, appropriate to their needs.

Our residential care homes provide 24-hour support for adults with learning disabilities, autism, or both; provided by Social Services.

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Supported living allows individuals to gain full tenancy rights. Care, and the hours allocated to care, are determined on a tenant-by-tenant basis.

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Taking the steps towards greater independence is an exciting time. We’ll guide you through every step, providing as much information and support as possible.

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We provide so much more than care!

Our support can range from:


  • Empowering skills associated with day-to-day life
  • Encouraging independent travel
  • Providing access to work
  • Creating pathways to further education and training
  • Promoting and facilitating leisure activities
  • Championing learning disabilities and autism
  • Creating access to other support services
We believe in living!

Life truly is for living, so we are committed to giving life a meaning for the people we support. We encourage them to embrace life; to grab it with both hands and seize opportunities or create ones that don’t yet exist. We want our people to thrive. We want our people to be happy and fulfilled, so we do whatever we can to keep a smile on their faces.

We are committed to nurturing:


  • A home from home for our residents and tenants; allowing a safe space that each of our people can truly call their own.
  • A sense of family, with staff teams who care for and respect our people.
  • A great sense of community, where people from all corners of the organisation are regularly encouraged to meet and mingle.
  • Ample opportunities to live together, learn together and laugh together.
Our approach to care

We also understand that, for people on the autism spectrum in particular, routine is imperative. With this in mind, we aim to allocate a dedicated team of support workers to each project, allowing residents and tenants to benefit from a greater sense of consistency.

Each resident and tenant is appointed a key worker, who will work alongside the individual to ensure their needs are being met. Key workers are responsible for managing the individual’s development, being a confidant for the resident or tenant, and keeping families suitably updated with the individual’s progress.

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If you know an adult with a learning disability, or an autistic adult, who may benefit from our services, read more about our referral process.

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General Enquiries

There are a number of ways in which you can get in touch with the Lisieux Trust team. They’d be happy to hear from you!

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