Supported living

Supported living allows learning disabled and autistic adults to live with greater independence.

My son has become a lot more independent thanks to Lisieux Trust. He has grown into a man thanks to the help of all staff.” – Parent

Lisieux Trust manages eight properties dedicated to supported living accommodation. Situated across Erdington and Sutton Coldfield in Birmingham, the projects are run by a team of Registered Managers and Deputy Managers, who are responsible for supporting adults with learning disabilities and autism to live independent, fulfilling lives.

Our supported living service is regulated by the Care Quality Commission who regularly visit our services to inspect the quality of our support. Our most recent CQC rating for our Supported Living service is ‘Good’.

Supported living accommodation is provided on a tenancy basis. Each person we support has a tenancy agreement that grants them legal rights over their homes and the opportunity to have more independence in their lives. For those people who need it, we support them to understand and manage their tenancy agreement.

Care is tailored to the needs and wishes of each tenant. Each person will receive a detailed assessment before placement, to determine the level of support needed. It is also at this stage that personalities and interests are considered, in order to place tenants alongside other housemates who will complement their character.

We support you

Usually support is funded by local authority Adult Social Services, or occasionally through private finance. The social worker will assess the person’s needs and, based on this assessment, an agreement is made between the person, Adult Social Services, and us. The agreement states what kind of support we need to provide for that person. Adult Social Services will then pay an agreed amount to cover the cost of this support.

In some cases, tenants may be highly independent in some areas of life, but more dependent in others. As such, support is individualised, and personally tailored towards each person. It could be the case that a tenant may be independent enough to only need a short visit from a support worker; or it may be that a tenant needs 24-hour care, requiring a support worker to be in the property overnight.

Many of our supported living tenants have fantastic opportunities to integrate within the community, and attend places of work, volunteering roles, higher education and regular activities.

Unless they have private finance from family, employment or other courses, tenants are often eligible to apply for a range of welfare benefits including housing benefit. Tenants use these benefits to pay for their rent, utilities, groceries and activities. Where needed, we support tenants to apply for and manage their benefits.

What's included?


  • Tenancy for a room in a shared property.
  • Homely communal living areas including kitchen, lounge and garden.
  • Support to access a programme of activities, volunteering, or education based on the person’s choices, interests and skills.
  • Support to develop and maintain skills in the home such as cooking, cleaning, and laundry.
  • Support with personal care needs, such as washing, dressing and using the toilet.
  • Support to apply for appropriate benefits and manage finances, if the person does not have someone appointed to do this for them.


What's included? (cont.)


  • Encouragement to build and maintain relationships with the people they choose to have in their life.
  • A ‘Move-In’ furniture pack, including a bed, mattress, chest of drawers and wardrobe.
  • Support to plan weekly menus, for shopping and cooking.
  • Support to take medication appropriately and to attend medical appointments.
  • Regular social events with other residents and tenants supported by Lisieux Trust.
  • And most importantly, a fun and happy home with people who care about them.

What’s not included?

  • Rent – this is usually paid for using housing benefits that we support tenants to claim.
  • Groceries – this is usually paid for using welfare benefits that we support tenants to claim.
  • Utility bills – these are also usually paid for using benefits.

Supported living team

Brendan Griffith
Registered Manager
Becky Crawford
Registered Manager
Tom Checketts
Deputy Manager

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