Our mission and values

All of our teams and people are united by an unwavering commitment to our mission, vision and values.

I love working in the care environment. Each day, I feel so much pride at the prospect of supporting all of my tenants to live their lives so freely. I genuinely believe you won’t get better job satisfaction anywhere else!” –  Sue, Support Worker

Our vision & mission


A society that recognises people’s abilities first; where equality, opportunity and inclusion is prominent.


To support learning disabled people and people on the autism spectrum, and empower them with the confidence to choose the life they want to live, and make it happen.

Our values

WELCOMING – We are always welcoming and approachable by nature. Our care, kindness and sense of fun is radiated throughout our environment and people. Lisieux Trust is a community, and our services act as homes from home.

TRUST – We know what we are doing. We’ve been supporting people with learning disabilities and autism for over 30 years, and through relentless commitment to high-quality care, families can trust us to look after their loved ones.

INSPIRATION – Every day is beautiful. What we do is effortless to us, and what that nurtures is inspiringly brilliant. We inspire our people to live their best lives, and every day we are inspired by the people we support.

FUN – Fun happens naturally because our team love and believe in what they do. Our approach to care promotes ambition and opportunity, which makes everyone happy.

CHOICE – We believe our people should live life as they choose; full of the things they love to do. We are on a journey together, and we’re dedicated to supporting our people to thrive.

Our aims
  • Recognise people’s abilities first.
  • Be creative and bold in our approach to care.
  • Give people the time and space to voice their thoughts.
  • Support learning disabled and autistic adults to live a safe, meaningful and healthy life.
  • Deliver personalised support.
  • Challenge discrimination and be the external voice, championing breaking barriers.
  • Create possibilities for learning disabled and autistic adults to choose a career with opportunity.
  • Nurture an environment where people can safely make mistakes.
  • Create a culture where staff can thrive and enjoy their work whilst making a difference.

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