Workshops Complete And Draft Presented

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Workshops Complete And Draft Presented

16 Feb 2024 | Category: News

Last year CQC updated their inspection framework and will now be expecting care providers to set quality standards that are based on the views of the individuals they support.

This wasn’t a huge change for us, the residents and tenants at Lisieux Trust are always in control of their own care and support; they say how they would like their support to be delivered. However, that new approach by CQC means Lisieux Trust took this to the next level.

Last summer we began the process of a series of Workshops to enable residents to  develop their own “I Statements” (Jill is showing hers above).

Those workshops have now been completed, with residents completing a draft of these statements, with posters planned, showing these principles to form the overarching quality standards that Lisieux Trust will work to.

The aim of the Trust is always to have a collaborative environment where residents feel heard, valued, and actively involved in the way the organisation operates.

Under CQC’s new framework, residents are encouraged to provide personal statements and views on all aspects of their care, including everything from their living conditions, medication, activities, and work placements.

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