Workshop’s Take Place To Familiarse Tenants With Nourish Care

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Workshop’s Take Place To Familiarse Tenants With Nourish Care

02 Feb 2024 | Category: News

Last year the Trust announced that Care and Support managers at Lisieux Trust have been focused on moving their care documentation and records to a digital platform called Nourish Care.

Nourish Care is a system available on both computer and mobile devices, that enables our managers to create and manage all care plans and records digitally, giving greater visibility into the care and individuals we support.

But as the Trust has always placed our Residents at the forefront of all we do – and they were already fully involved in setting their own Care Plans – we’ve begun a series of workshops to make sure all the Residents and Tenants understand how the data is used and shown.

The first few of these workshops have already taken place – as these pictures show – and Support Staff, together with our Quality and Compliance Officer were on hand to talk to residents and tenants and answer their questions and make sure everyone understood what the technology means and how to access their data.

Not only does Nourish provide our team with better information at the point of care, but it has freed up their time to be able to focus on helping our tenants and residents live full and enriched lives full of opportunity. Updating Nourish on a mobile device is a lot quicker than writing everything down on paper records.

The workshops will continue across the Trust over the next few weeks.

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